15 Jan

I wanted to start this blog with some ‘thank you’s.

Firstly, I wanted to thank all the college families for their continued support. The start of this term has been one of the most challenging ones I have had since I started my career in education. As Graham has mentioned in his previous blog, the school leaders were left in limbo with guidance being released so late in the day.

Can I therefore thank all my families for the support you gave by allowing the college to be able to ensure that the risk assessment was updated and I had the correct staffing levels on site to assure safety for all.

We used our first week back to ensure that all those students working remotely from home had access to their iPads. This leads me to the second group of people I want to thank. The staff team at the college have worked extremely hard. All agreed very early on that they wanted the best for all our learners, so we have kept all learning as the college timetable. Last Friday all families were sent home timetables and all lessons are now being taught through virtual ‘live’ sessions. Thank you to all the staff team for your continued support and ensuring that the wellbeing and learning of all our students is central to what we do.

Finally, I have to thank all our college students – learning from home may seem easy but it is not. We all crave interaction with our peers and staff teams. Being face to face with someone makes learning easier then virtually seeing them on a screen. Being at home is hard, it is so easy to stay in bed all day, play on devices at night and not get up. So well done to you all for getting yourselves into a working routine at home and getting yourselves set up and accessing the live lessons. Keep this up guys.

Our blogs will continue and I am hopeful that each week you will see what fantastic learning is taking place on site and at home. This week I have asked the Lumenus and Activ8 team to share with you what they have been up to. Here’s Mr Thornton with the details..

Hello everyone,

First of all, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

To say things have been tricky, to kick off 2021, would be an understatement. However, in true Activ8 and Lumenus fashion, the team have rolled their sleeves up and got stuck in!

To get the week started, the two groups focused on their academic studies. Students on site, and remote learners, have worked their socks off during Maths and English. Miss Begum has worked with students on units of time and weather reports. Meanwhile, Mr Newton has focused on decimals, fractions and percentages during Maths, and climate change during English. The level of engagement has been phenomenal!

On Wednesday, Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Preston introduced ‘ The Olympics Project’. Despite different hobbies and interests, the two groups came together to display their own unique talents. Confidence was beaming, as ‘our nations’ belted out their national anthems.

With our competitors ready to burst, in anticipation, the games began. After lots of back and forth action, changes to the podium and a will to win, Team France took home the bragging rights. Each team showed a fantastic, cooperative spirit. We had a great day!

On Thursday, Activ8 focused on goalball and P.E. theory. During our goalball session, Activ8 recapped on: the rules of the game, coaching points, sports specific warm-ups and drills. Fantastic stuff!

Later on, the group removed their goalball blindfolds and put on their thinking caps. Students worked on identifying and locating muscles. All the students were engaged from the start and showed tremendous effort, Mr. Lawrence was absolutely chuffed. The group was able to establish the majority of the key muscles and pinpoint their specific location.

Meanwhile, over in Lumenus, both on site students and remote learners participated in a dance session. The team was split into small groups, each tasked with coming up with their own dance routine. With lots of great shapes on show, each group then had to perform to their classmates. The whole group showed bags of confidence, adaptability and teamwork. This made it a terrific spectacle, something everyone could enjoy.

This week, there was cause for celebration at New Bridge College. Miss Moss celebrated her birthday this week. The whole team, students and staff wanted to surprise her and surprise her, we did! (she’d thought we’d all forgotten) It’s fair to say, Miss Moss was stunned as the party poppers sounded and the room burst into life.

We all hope you had a fantastic day, Miss Moss.

Just before I go, I’d like to say a huge “well done” to Activ8 and Lumenus students. You have all worked incredibly hard, showed fantastic resilience and a willingness to learn.

We hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend. You’ve earned it!

Finally, just to update you all that we are still exploring the use of lateral flow testing and we will continue to keep you all informed.

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend,

Jaina and the Team.

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