22 Jan

Our home/school virtual learning is progressing well. All lessons currently are being delivered ‘live’ and it has been great to hear how well our students have been engaging.

Here are our Digit4ll and Employability groups to tell us about what they have been up to, starting with our first Pre Intern group and their Job Coach, Colin..

Another week in lockdown but this hasn’t changed the attitude and application of the Pre Interns. Students have adapted really well and shown great resilience this week and should be very proud of themselves. Students have been working remotely and attending online sessions of Employability, Maths, English and ICT.

In Employability we have been looking at Customer Service and identifying examples of good practice and its importance, as well as why good customer service is important to an organisation..

Our students have been looking at climate change in English and how this is affecting our planet, gaining facts and evidence to debate as this will support towards their grades..

In Maths students have been working on past paper exam style questions to help boost knowledge of what is expected when answering these to gain as many marks possible..

And last but not least in ICT they have been working on their online portfolios. This week has consisted of looking at work plans and how these can help with day to day planning to support helpful habits and prioritising tasks..

Enjoy your weekend and see you bright and early 9am on Showbie Monday morning!

Our Job Coach Nicola is very pleased with how well our second Pre Interns group are coping..

The beginning of the new term has been quite unsettling for our pre-interns. After the Christmas break they were expecting to come back in to to see their friends and continue with their work placements. Instead they are back into full lockdown mode and learning remotely at home.

The whole group have done well getting used to a new online timetable and trying to get back into a new routine. One of questions asked from the Home Debate Club was “Is lockdown easier or harder this time?” All our students have agreed that lockdown is harder this time round, however, as hard as it is our students have produced some really good pieces of work.

During the first week our pre-interns focused on reviewing and saying goodbye to 2020 and saying hello to 2021, setting goals and making New Year resolutions..

In Employability the students have completed vocabulary and comprehension tasks relating to different jobs. For their qualification work, the students had to check through their presentation slides and deliver a small part of their presentation to the rest of the group. They then had to give constructive feedback and review their peers’ presentations. This was quite a challenge to do online but the students were amazing.

For Living Skills the students have continued to work through their banking and savings unit, focusing on different ways to save money and working out their income and expenditure to see how much money they could save each month..

Overall the students have worked very hard. They have continued to access their other lessons for English, Maths, PHSE and ICT but they are looking forward to being back at college

Now it’s over to Digit4ll..

This month has been extremely challenging for the students on the Digit4ll Pathway. As with other Pathways, all of our lessons have been done remotely which can present a challenge in itself. As well as that, any business ventures from within our two Enterprise groups, Random Candles and Our Hands have had to be done the same way. Emails have been flying back and forth trying to order stock from our suppliers such as soy wax for the candles (to name but one item) as ours had begun to run low!

Along with our usual products, we had a request from a potential customer asking if we could create them a website. We duly complied and here, Arron is looking at the list of what they required and getting some ideas from our own NB Enterprise website in order to start creating one for the customer..

And so, on to the remote learning! Not only is this essential from a curriculum point of view but also a great way of keeping in touch with each other and finding out how everybody is getting on with the current situation..

So that’s all for now from the Digit4ll Pathway, stay safe and we’ll see you soon!

I hope you all have a good weekend,

Jaina and the Team.

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