05 Feb

This week Mr Thornton has a bumper addition to the blog to share with you all. Since being back this term, Mrs Preston and Mr Lawrence have teamed up to provide a bespoke offer in which drama and sport are offered to all. Here is what they have been up to..

Hello again everyone. Despite all the daily challenges we currently face, we have tons of stuff to share with you.

While nice and fresh, on a Monday morning, the Activ8 team focused on their living skills. Students on site and remote learners put their cooking skills to the test. Scrambled eggs on toast was on the menu, but before cooking could commence, students completed several health and safety tasks. The objective of this was to give students the opportunity to understand the importance of safety measures, the team took this on-board and started cooking. Once completed, everybody tucked in to a lovely mid morning snack.

On Tuesday afternoon, Activ8 continued to work towards acquiring their Sports Leaders Level 2 accreditation. This week, the focus was on safety, hazards and risk assessments. The team was able to identify different hazards they may encounter and how a risk assessment should be completed.

Wednesday saw Activ8 and Lumenus work together again on their ‘Olympics Project’, this is a project that students from both pathways have thoroughly enjoyed. Before break, students were tasked with continuing their research on an athlete they had chosen from the country they are representing. The sound of conversation and debate filled the classroom, as the teams discussed different athletes, their honours, accomplishments and why each athlete should be at the centre of their presentation. We look forward to updating you on our countries’ choices and their presentations.

After a well earned break, the friendly competition was on show again, even Bethany’s cat got involved..

All of our teams gave everything for their place on the podium, in a series of different sporting activities. The noise went up a notch and cheers could be heard from the arena of each event.

I’d like to say a MASSIVE “Well Done” to Charlie, who led and officiated our volleyball event. This proved one of the more popular events and Charlie definitely played a key role in its success. Well done Charlie.

Later on, each team had to create a narrative about the Olympic Games. The group came up with some brilliantly bizarre ideas, from Ken Barlow meeting Sir Mo Farah to carrying the Olympic torch through the Nevada Desert and everything in between.

In Lumenus this week, several students have done exceptionally well in gaining their Silver Award in performing arts. A big ‘Air high five’ is in order for Connor, Poppy and Grace for their fantastic achievements. Despite many obstacles, they have stuck with it and shown great character, commitment and resilience to get over the line. Congratulations! Well deserved!

Lumenus have also continued their work on ‘ Mrs Preston’s China Project’. The group have put their heads together and come up with lots of imaginative ideas, with a combination of ‘Animal kung-fu’ and dance. Lumenus will be working remotely, with students down at school, in the coming weeks. Our students are really looking forward to working with younger pupils and sharing their project.

The focus switched to P.E. Theory and DofE for Activ8 on Thursday. During the latter, the team worked on map reading, specifically working on 4 and 6 figure grid reference. Although it is no substitute for the great outdoors, the staff team was extremely happy with the effort the students gave. Sophie, who at times has found map reading challenging, completed some fantastic work. She was able to pinpoint specific locations on the map, using a four figure grid reference.

Joints, muscles and movement was where P.E. theory took us this week. The team put on their thinking caps and located different joints, how they move within the body, and different Sporting scenarios where different joints would be used. Tyler did extremely well during this task, he was able to demonstrate and describe abduction and adduction.

Last but certainly not least, I’d like to wish many happy returns to Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Newton and Ashanti who all celebrated their birthdays this week. “Happy birthdays” were sung and candles were blown out, and of course, cake was eaten. Happy birthday guys! We hope you all had a lovely day.

Next week, we are looking at wellbeing of all our students and giving them a break from live sessions – instead of PSHE sessions we will upload some fun activities to support mental health and wellbeing.

Finally, we have sent a parent questionnaire via the parent app – it would be good to collate your views on what we are doing well and where our offer can improve. Please let us know!

Have a lovely weekend,


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