26 Feb

This week saw the announcement from the Prime Minister that students would return to face to face learning from the 8th of March. Additional to this, it was also asked that schools and colleges would carry out mass testing of students using the lateral flow tests. Thank you all the families who completed the parent questionnaires and spoke with Shanaye, your support and feedback has been invaluable to help support the college in planning for the safe return for all learners.

You will have received the letter I sent you all through the parent app (also available to read here) in which I have highlighted that we are really keen to ensure that all students are able to return as soon as possible from the 8th March. We have had to look at how we logistically try and administer the test on site whilst ensuring that all staff and students are kept safe during this testing process. We involved the support of Rebecca Ashton, the MAT’s Health and Safety Manager, and Kelly Lockwood, the Director of Care, in making these decisions. As stated in the letter, we are hoping that those families and students who have consented to having the test will be provided with one to do at home. They will have all guides and instructions on administering and submitting the results and we will communicate these in more detail next week.

Now for news of our students, starting with Mr Thornton..

Hello everyone, we hope everyone has had a nice, relaxing break. Activ8 and Lumenus have collaborated again, we’ve got tons of stuff to share!

Activ8 has some new equipment! The team has gotten our hands on a top class multi-gym, and a treadmill, with all the gadgets.

Activ8 have taken full advantage of the new piece of kit, it didn’t take long for it to get competitive. We have ‘The one minute boxing challenge’, ‘The ten minute running challenge’..

and ‘The four minute rowing challenge’. 

Mr Newton currently holds the lead, with the rest of the group eager to eat up the ground and catch him.

Meanwhile, over in Lumenus, students started off with a fat burner workout, they do this every week, and the students enjoy the particular workout that they do! Then, the students did the school council debate, this week’s question was ‘Should having the internet be a human right?’. There was a difference of opinion amongst the students but the majority voted yes! What is your opinion?

Later on, Lumenus students continued with their China project. Prior to the half term break, each student or duo created either a monkey, crane, tiger or praying mantis move from the Chinese art of king fu. This week, they had to deliver their move to the rest of their classmates and to the students at home too! Everyone did a fantastic job! Once they had delivered their piece to each other, the students then split up into 2 groups with Shaun, Dylan, Josh, Connor and Ashanti in one group and Donna, Grace, Beth and Millie in the other group. They then picked the best moves and created a movement piece. Lastly, the group had to choose a piece of music that they thought would be best suited.

The ‘ Olympic Project’ was again at the forefront, this is a celebration of the positive effects sport and performing arts can have on physical and mental health. The team, as always, couldn’t wait to get started with their activities. The focus this week was yoga. Mr Lawrence and Mr Newton put everyone through their paces, the response from our remote learners was fantastic too.

After lunch, Mrs. Preston took the groups through ‘Breathe’, the activity around relaxation, our students loved it! Grace said: “I was so relaxed. I was in my own world, it was so nice.”

This week, Activ8 focused on their ‘ YMCA: sports and fitness award’ working on rate of perceived exertion and why it’s important to have a good understanding of the cardiovascular system in the gym.

Later on in the week, Activ8 put the gloves on for their boxing session. We focused on different techniques along with ‘Southpaw’ and ‘ Orthodox’ Stances. Callum said: “ I like boxing, it’s good to try something new.” Lovely stuff Cal! Glad you enjoyed it.

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to say a massive “ Well Done” to all of our remote learners. You have all done so well, keep up the good work team!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Ms Asbury is also very pleased with how hard the students are working in English..

Mental Health and Magnet Fishing!

In English this half term, we are working towards completing our Speaking and Listening assessments. The students have demonstrated creativity and passion and they are currently creating initial plans for their chosen topics. From Star Wars to Mental Health Awareness, our students always choose topics that spark debate and interest. A special ‘well done’ goes to Tayla from the Pre-Internship pathway who is working towards a presentation about the rise of anxiety and depression in young people throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. She has been awarded ‘Star of the Week’ this week for her dedication to completing her English work.

The students will also be preparing for their debates on Climate Change. It has been amazing to see the students’ interest in the zero-waste movement grow. We are now on the hunt for a zero-waste shop in Oldham! Alan from BTG has been educating us all on Magnet Fishing, a hobby he enjoys with his brother. He rescues metal and other items from local rivers and lakes and has since become interested in recycling and selling his finds to local scrap metal dealers. Alan found his beloved dove in a tree whilst fishing and this week shared his thoughts: “I found my dove whilst I was doing something I love, but I never expected that she’d become a big part of my life. I brought her back to health by feeding and loving her. You never know what you might find in life! “Alan’s love of this animal is inspirational, and he puts it all down to magnet fishing! Turns out, he is also saving the planet with his new-found love of recycling. Looking forward to welcoming everyone back to college soon!

Mrs Nelson has a lovely new initiative to share..

Hello everyone, this term staff have allocated an area to display the Wellbeing Chatterbox. Mrs Moss has now set this up in the reception area of college and it looks fabulous.

Students can post any worries or concerns that they may have on a daily basis, staff will check daily and students will then have the choice of having further support from the pastoral team or a teacher to look at ways of reducing any worries, anxieties or concerns that they may have. Have a lovely weekend all.

This term in college we have been working hard on setting up a new parent group and inviting parents to join. There is still time to respond via the parent app survey sent out last week. We have lots of agencies on board ready and waiting to support all our lovely families. If you would like any further details, please contact Mrs Nelson at the college site. Mrs Nelson will be in touch next week to discuss with those parents who have already shown an interest in joining.

Thank you as always for your continued support.


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