12 Mar

This week we welcomed all our learners back onto site.

Firstly, thank you to those families and students that have been carrying out the twice weekly testing – it helps to ensure that we can continue to keep the college environment safe for all.

For those that are not testing and would like to, please get in touch with Shanaye Mainoo who will be able to support you with this.

Mrs Sarwar has an update for us this week..

From the 8th February, our PHSE curriculum was on a ‘screen break’ – this meant that up until the 8th of March (in light of the government announcement), we had made the decision to put the PHSE curriculum on hold. We wanted everyone to enjoy their remote learning sessions, however we also recognised that our students, parents, carers and staff also need a break. This focus was based on taking care of mental wellbeing. Our students from the Lumenus and Activ8 Pathways have engaged brilliantly at College and at home, here are some of the different activities they have completed!

Callum working hard to stay fit!

Beautiful, Sophie E.!

Beth loves spending her time reading, especially the Strictly Comes Dancing Annual 2021!

Adam baking in his new house!

Our very talented Bradley has also written his own song!

Grace said, “During lockdown I have enjoyed spending time with my mum  doing the work on my iPad during screen break when I was off we played loads of games and baked, we loved it so much. I have read a lot of books 📚 during that time I loved it but now I am back at college my mum is spending a lot of time doing her Temple spa work x”

The PHSE lessons have now resumed this week and we are continuing to work on our Relationships Unit, I will update you in a few weeks to let you how we are getting on!

In our Life Skills lessons, students are learning all about budgeting for the home and have been looking at estimating the costs of weekly bills of a household of four members and then researching the actual average of what a household would have to pay in terms of household bills.

This was a eye opener for most of our students.

We then went to have a look at if we’d pick ‘This or That’ – an exercise of choosing between having £5 in money OR £5 worth of lottery tickets. This made students think about making a choice and explaining what they chose and why. We had some interesting thoughts and opinions which got our students debating… I had to referee at one point!

Very sensible Bradley!

Over the next few weeks we are exploring the terms ‘Credit’ and ‘Debit’ and will look at scenarios of how to manage budgets’ – we will keep you updated in our next blog! Have a fab weekend everyone and stay safe!

This week Mrs Nelson has been busy baking cakes again to hand out to staff at New Bridge College – just a ‘thank you’ for all the hard work that they have done so far this term and for going above and beyond as always to support our students. It’s the token gestures that make us feel happy and these have certainly put a big smile on some faces for sure!

Don’t worry, staff that are working remotely will also be treated on return! Here are just a few pictures of gratitude from our staff and a little quote to read.. 

Friday was the start of our Girls Group and it was lovely to see them gel together. This week the girls have been working with the Hamma beads designing their own patterns to display in our intervention room. The girls had a chat and a giggle which boosted their mental wellbeing. Mrs Nelson was happy to see them engaging together once again.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,


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