19 Mar

Our second full week in and the students have settled back well into college life. The staff and students are continuing to follow all COVID protocols and learning has continued. Students have been working hard to ensure that they can continue to make strides in progress for all academic and pathways areas.

This week we have our Activ8 and Digit4ll teams sharing with you what they have been up to.

Mr Thornton has all the latest news from Activ8..

This week has been eventful! First of all though, I’d like to welcome all of our remote learners back to college.

It’s been all go in Activ8 this week, all of our students have worked incredibly hard. Mr Newton kicked the week off with a Joe Wicks work out and put all of our students through their paces.

On Wednesday, Activ8 and Lumenus collaborated for ‘The Olympic Project.’ Before break, the team were channeling their inner artists. Each student created their very own Olympic torch, confidence was high as our students brought their creations to life.

Later on, sporting activities came to the forefront (and a lot of lighthearted trash talk too). Curling, seated volleyball and taekwondo techniques were our Olympic sports of focus. Team GB were looking to defend their title as champions in our curling event. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to rediscover their championship form and were humbled by the USA.

On to volleyball, Jamaica had some success and the arena was filled with an ‘Olympic spirit’. I’d like to say a big “ Well done” to Morgan. He did a splendid job leading the event. He made changes, when called upon, to cater for all and most definitely underpins everything Activ8 is about.

Mr Lawrence put our “Nations” to the test, the taekwondo event had participants digging deep. The event introduced students to different athletes, techniques and an appreciation for a different art. Our hope is that students look to access these different sports, once COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Thursday was jam-packed too, our team got their teeth into some theory work. Firstly, we looked at North West based boxers. Activ8 took a closer look at Tyson Fury, his accomplishments, his hardships and the impact he has had on British boxing. Then, the group put the pens down and got a sweat on.
Mr Newton set Activ8 “The 30 exercises challenge.” It was tough, it was gruelling, but our sports enthusiasts got through it.

This week, the staff team have been in the gym! We took on “Mr Lawrence’s 7 minutes circuit.” Don’t let “7 minutes” mislead you, it was TOUGH! 7 minutes duration for each exercise with the circuit, the treadmill, the bike, weights, rowing and the multi gym; it had it all. What great fun! Same again next week team?

What a great week we’ve had. Before I leave you to your weekend, I’d like to give everyone a big pat on the back. Everyone has shown bags of resilience, to continue working at such a good level during these hugely challenging times.

Well, that’s all from us this week. Take care from the Activ8 team.

Now Mr Slater has an update from Digit4ll for us..

This month the majority of the Digit4ll students are back at the college so there has been quite a lot to talk about. It has also been good to actually see each other “in the flesh” rather than on a screen! This has been proven during our Monday Morning News Debate where each student chooses a news article from the weekend and does a short presentation in front of the group using the screen to explain the particular article and its details. The group then asks questions about the article. During lockdown, when we used the iPads for remote learning, this activity seemed to lose some of its drive, especially as it’s difficult to hear more than one person speaking at a time on an online group discussion. So, when the students were actually here face to face, the discussions on the articles became almost heated, passionate debates!

As well as having our own version of Question Time, some students from the pathway have successfully passed the exam at the end of the second unit of their ‘Lessons in Financial Education’ qualification. Onwards and upwards!

I hope you have a lovely weekend,


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