01 Apr

This term has not been like any other – we returned on the 4th January with the announcement of the third lockdown for the country. This was a challenging time for us all but thanks to the support from all our families, staff and students we worked to ensure that the learners at the college did not miss out.

We ensured that we kept the learning to the set timetable and all staff ensured that students were able to access ‘live’ teaching sessions. I am ever so grateful to the amazing staffing team at the college who ensured that they supported the direction of flow – they made calls home and ensured that students were able to engage with the learning. Where needed, we made adaptations and the staff team thought out of the norm. You will see the amazing work that our students have managed to produce over these challenging few months.

Even with lockdown, the college Senior Leadership Team have continued to work on refining the college curriculum; we have continued to ensure that students who are able to achieve set qualifications have the time and quality of teaching to enable this to happen. The staff team have continued to support our Year 14’s and many of them have applied to continue with us at the college by showing a preference in accessing Future Finders from September.

College life may be different but it has shown me as a leader how remarkable our young people are. I am overwhelmed by the positivity they bring to the college and their desire to move forward in everything they do. This week has been no exception as you will see, starting with the latest news from Mr Thornton..

Activ8 have been busy this week. The collaboration between Activ8 and Lumenus with the Olympic Project, has come to an end. We finished off with “The Big Olympic Quiz” where the Olympic knowledge of our students would be tested.

Our countries all took part in a fitting closing ceremony. With tonnes of excitement, the team brought the curtain down on their Olympics and with their routines perfected, each nation took to the stage and gave the games a top class conclusion.

All of our students received some well earned certificates. Beth was awarded: ‘ The MVP Award’ for our curling event, Callum took the Bocce prize and Morgan was awarded ‘Star Leader.’

Well done to all our participants and sports leaders!

On Thursday, in an effort to raise money for the college gym, ‘Mike’s Mission’ was the focus of the day. Mr Newton took on a gruelling challenge: 30 exercises, every hour, on the hour! The eagerness and willingness to get involved, from all of our students, was absolutely amazing.

Mr. Newton, throughout the day, burned an incredible 4,166 calories and covered 10km in distance.

In full support of the cause, students and staff did their bit, from participating to generous donations.

After taking part, Morgan put on his Sports Leaders cap and took some of our Lumenus students and got them involved. Morgan showed fantastic communication, leadership and beaming confidence, to keep everyone engaged and lead the session effectively. As always, great stuff Morgan!

Muscles were starting to ache, as the team got deeper into’ Mike’s mission.’ Callum was still going strong, Charlie was giving his all, and the spirit on show showed exactly what we’re all about!

Meanwhile, other students were enjoying some Easter fun! Imran especially, who loved his arts and crafts session, he created lots of Easter baskets and lit up the room with his larger than life personality.

‘Mike’s Mission’ was in its final stages and the finishing line was in sight for Mr Newton. Red faced, looking determined to see it through, Mr Newton and the team continued to push. The room was filled with a fighting spirit and cheers of encouragement, incredible stuff!

Other members of the staff team joined Mr Newton for the last leg. All in it together, the team counted down the exercises, Kai was still going too.
“ 5,4,3,2,1” looking exhausted but on top of the world, “ Mike’s mission” completed. 6 and a half hours of beasting exercise and the job was done! An unbelievable achievement! How do you plan to top this, Mr Newton? A world record next year, maybe?

Finally, before I leave you all to a well earned break, I’d like to say an ENORMOUS “Well done” to all of the Activ8 students. You have all been fantastic this term and a credit to New Bridge College. Regardless of the challenge, you have continued to work and persevere. The staff team are over the moon with the work you have consistently produced, more of the same next term!

Have a great Easter everyone! The Activ8 team.

Mrs Sarwar and Miss Begum have had an eventful past few weeks!

We’ll start with our lovely English class. As it is coming towards the end of term we thought we’d surprise the class with an Easter Egg hunt! The students really enjoyed figuring out clues (there were some very funny ones) and looking high and low for eggs! Everyone had to work together as a team and help each other. Here are some pictures of students finding their eggs!

We have also been participating in Teen Tech which replaced our PSHE lessons this week. Lumenus and Activ8 joined forces and worked in their Olympic teams on this project like they have been doing for Pathways. All the students got very creative with this project and used the resources that we already have around the classroom. Here are some picture from our Teen Tech projects.

In Lumenus we have also celebrated a birthday last week. Happy 19th Birthday to Beth! She had a fabulous birthday with lots of presents! (We hope she didn’t eat all the chocolate at once!) 

Beth was also presented with the drama queen of the week award!

That’s all from us. We hope you all have a lovely Easter break!

Mrs Sarwar has been covering the important area of budgeting with the students..

In our Life Skills lessons, students are continuing lessons on budgeting and in the last few lessons, our focus has been around controlled budgets. Our students have learnt and talked about essential ‘NEEDS’ that are essential for our day to day survival and then compared them to our ‘WANTS’. It was very interesting to see this in their points of view. We looked at the terms ‘CREDIT’ and ‘DEBIT’ and the consequences of being in debt.

Scenario cards were presented to the group and the students then had to give their opinion and feedback.

After Easter, the groups we will be look at running costs and comparing the prices of items needed to furnish a home! Have a lovely Easter Break and let’s hope for some sunshine! Stay safe everyone!

Ms Asbury has the latest news from our English department..

This week in English, some students at New Bridge College have surpassed all expectations and completed their Level 1 and 2 Speaking and Listening exams for Functional Skills. This was no easy feat due to the interruptions caused by the lockdowns and periods of isolation; yet again our students have made us so proud with their resilience and ‘can do’ attitudes. It takes courage to plan and prepare for these tasks and to stand up and confidently deliver with clarity amongst peers – I was bursting with admiration for our amazing students!

The range of topics showed diversity and sparked interest; we had everything covered from The History of Motorbikes by Matthew to The History of Makeup by Summer. Other topics included Mental Health Awareness by Dom, Magnet Fishing by Alan and Coffee Around The World by Kevin. Special thanks to Jordan and Tayla who stepped in as non-assessed candidates and helped us create a lively and engaging ten-minute debate on Climate Change.

On the morning of the exam the students made final touches to their work and rehearsed their Question and Answer section of the assessment. They worked as a team and helped each other to feel at ease under pressure. Dom and Alan used breathing techniques to stay calm and feel grounded (these tips are courtesy of Louise Preston who delivered a breath workshop as part of our Staff Wellbeing day!) These invaluable wellbeing tools make a real difference to the students’ confidence levels so a very special thank you for this.

Well done to everyone involved and we look forward to more students completing their exams after Easter.

Have a well-deserved and restful break, everyone. Happy Easter holidays!

Mrs Preston is very proud of our Lumenus students..

In Lumenus, the work we undertake – performing, devising, leading, researching and reviewing – is accredited by Arts Award, Bronze (Level 1) and Silver (Level 2). Due to lockdown last March we were unable to continue with our work; the school show, working with arts professionals and delivering workshops. However, the students did continue to engage remotely and were able to add their portfolios. When we came back in September we were able to gather as much evidence as we could. I sent their work in for moderation in January and all students entered passed. This week we received the certificates in the post. Congratulations to them all!

Mrs Nelson has some exciting news for us..

This term we held our first Parent Group meeting virtually. It was lovely to hear and share experiences from our parents and governors. I very much look forward to engaging with you in the upcoming term and arranging those key services to gain information to support you as a family. If you as a parent would like anything specific to be supported on within the Parent Group, you can email me on nnelson@newbridgegroup.org. I will try my utmost to support this.

The next meeting will be in June on the college site and invites will be sent nearer the time. Why not come and join us? You can meet other parents, have a chat, a cake and a cup of tea!

If you would like to join the New Bridge College Parent Group you can contact Mrs Nelson who will gladly provide you with more information.

Have a wonderful Easter, Nicola

Congratulations to our 2 new ‘Workers of the Week’ on their awards – well done Alan and Dom!

Finally, I have to thank the college staff team – their determination and commitment to the students cannot be doubted. Thank you to them all for all their support. After the Easter break, I am hoping to ensure that core curriculum staff will be able to move about groups and teach their subjects. I am also hoping that the staff who are having to shield as they are CEV will be able to return to site – they have been missed. We will continue to support all our young people in the best way possible.

I would like to wish you all a good Easter – I am looking forward to some of these restrictions being lifted so that I can see my family that I have not seen for a very long time.


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