18 Jun

Last week I talked about the need to ensure that we continue to keep staff, students and the wider college community safe from the spread of infection.  As you are all aware, the increase in rates across the borough has already meant closure of bubbles.  We have been at present lucky to have not been affected but I urge that we all continue to keep LFT testing twice weekly and follow government guidance.  It is with the extension of Stage 3 that I have had to look carefully at the college transition for all new starters and those moving into different pathways.  I have decided to change transitions to September.  For all new starters to the college, the staff teacher working with them will be in touch and virtual session and calls will be held.  For those learners moving into a different pathway in September, the new staff team will be making sure that they start to meet safely with these learners without compromising the bubbles that are still in operation.  I know that this is not an ideal situation for all learners but I inevitably need to keep all learners and the staff team safe.

This week I pass over to English to share with you all the learning that has taken place..

This week at New Bridge College in Level 1 and 2 English we have been learning about the remarkable story of Malala Yousafzai. This marks the beginning of our final topic this year: ‘Inspirational People’. In October 2012, Malala was shot by the Taliban on her school bus as she travelled home and has since used her life-changing experiences to educate and inspire people on a global stage. In 2013, Malala gave a speech to the United Nations advocating greater rights for girls and women across the world.

The students have been moved and inspired by how Malala uses her voice to promote peace and equality. They took part in a ‘hot-seating’ exercise and each played the role of Malala. This developed our empathy for her as a person and allowed us to understand and admire what she has endured. They asked each other questions about how they felt and showed maturity towards this sensitive and shocking moment in history.

Next week, we will be producing a diary entry and using the content from our ‘Speaking and Listening’ exercises to inspire some fantastic pieces of powerful writing. For Malala, education meant risking her life; our students have shown gratitude for their experiences and the freedom they have to learn at New Bridge College. I look forward to updating you with our final pieces of writing!

Well done to all our students who continue to demonstrate empathy towards others. ~ Miss Asbury

Miss Begum has this week’s news from Lumenus..

This week Lumenus took part in the big debate for the Smart School Council meeting and Mrs Sarwar invited a very special guest Mr Stapleton, who is one of the governors to be a part of our discussion.

This week our school council leader was Shaun and our note taker was Donna. They did a great job at their roles! The debate focused on social media and whether it is a good thing or a bad thing? Everyone got involved with this and there was a lot to say!

The students discussed in small groups then shared their opinions with the rest of the class.


Then we completed the school council question of the week. How should students apply for the role of school council for September? The options were to apply through application form, have a class vote or allow the teachers to pick the students. The group had mixed opinions and all agreed on different answers.

We had some very good opinions from our class and the students got into a healthy debate and raised some excellent points. All students really enjoyed the debate. Mr Stapleton absolutely loved the debate and seeing some familiar faces.

We would like to thank all of the students who took part, Mrs Sarwar who facilitates this for us every week and a very big thank you to our special guest Mr Stapleton. We can’t wait for you to join our school council meeting again!

Finally, last week Graham spoke about the OFSTED visit to our Post 19 provision Future Finders – as you all know this is located at the college too.  I am pleased to share that the two HMI inspectors that carried out the New Provider Monitoring Visit were very impressed with the Supported Internship offer and I am now able to share the findings with you here:

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Jaina and the Team

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