16 Oct

Welcome to another busy week at the college.

This week we hear from our Digit4ll and Lumenus groups. I am going to hand over to Mrs Preston now..

This half term Lumenus are studying the Theatre Practitioner Bertolt Brecht on Wednesdays and Devising Theatre on Thursdays.

This week we looked at Brecht’s technique of Gestus, basically meaning gesture with attitude. The students have been learning that Brecht required his actors to create a character from outside in. The audience are always meant to know they are actors playing a character. Brecht was a storyteller and his stories were about social change, he wanted the audience to think and inspire them to fight for change. The students looked at the ‘balance of power’ this week, creating scenes about bosses exploiting factory workers. They depicted the power struggle perfectly.

Touchdown Dance came in for a session and we had a full group session. Amanda the deliverer led the session and we did some Zumba, dance and exercise. We also spoke about our lockdown experiences. The students really enjoyed their session with Touchdown and we can’t wait for next week’s one.

Continuing on with our Devising work this week was exploring new ways of presenting themes. They chose the theme of Family and they had to pick three forms to present their ideas, one which must be new to them.

The Forms – Mime, film, melodrama, radio play, comedy, drama, soap opera, commedia dell’arte, performance art, choral speaking, children’s theatre, Shakespeare, Ancient Greek inspired, absurd, musical theatre, puppetry, poetry, animation, painting, photography, collage, mixed media, graffiti, ballet, tap, modern dance, folk dance, tango, ballroom dance, jazz, classical music, instrumental music, pop music, gospel, opera, rap, doo wop, country western.

Group 1
Chose Rap, dance and music. The group worked together and did a fantastic piece of drama based on family.

Group 2
Chose the styles comedy, dance and explored Shakespeare. The group had drawn a family portrait, told some family jokes and put Shakespearean quotes on family.

We recorded both pieces and we will play them back next week. We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Our Digit4ll students have been equally busy..

This week has been extremely productive for the Digit4ll Pathways. The students are in the middle of editing, printing and packing the DVDs for a show that was filmed by New Bridge Productions now that our printers are up and running after the move from Medtia. We have also been extremely busy researching the components required for the new Young Enterprise Project and are almost at the stage where the businesses can finally be launched and the names and logos revealed!

Here is Paddy getting to grips with preparing the covers for the new DVDs. 

Mind your fingers Paddy!

..while Business Director Abigail oversees Danielle’s emails to and from potential customers!

Speaking of customers, we already have an order for 250 mugs by a previous customer which is now in production!

To end this week, Genna has some wonderful new about one of our Bridging the Gap students..

A big congratulations to Peter G. from Bridging the Gap for achieving our first Worker of the Week award!! He was very proud to receive his certificate from Tish who has been a very supportive job coach and has been coaching Peter down at David Lloyd, thanks Tish!

Peter has been amazing on his first ever full work placement and has shone at David Lloyd gym. He is punctual, smartly dressed, polite and has an amazing work ethic. No complaints, just happy to get on with his work. Well done Pedro! (we changed his name due to having two Peters, so Peter G. chose Pedro!) We are all super proud of you and congratulations on an amazing start to Employability!!! Genna and Beth, Bridging the Gap.

I hope you all have a good week,

Jaina and the Team.

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