06 Nov

Welcome to another blog. I hope you all had a great break over half term. I know this week has been challenging but I want to reiterate to all families that we are continuing to update and assess our Risk Assessment to ensure that all students and staff on site are kept safe.

This week I would like to hand over to some key staff. Firstly, Mrs Sarwar who is our Lumenus form teacher and delivers the PSHE curriculum to our students at the college..

In PHSE over the last few sessions we have been looking at different challenges some people face when managing their mental health, these challenges are depression, anxiety and stress. Students listened to stories, watched a video and shared opinions on what the signs of depression are, what strategies there are and where we can seek help. 

On that note, Healthy Young Minds are holding a virtual workshop on the 17th and 19th November with Lumenus and the Pre Intern groups. We will keep you updated on how it goes!

Our Living Skills department have been busy too, as our Lumenus students explain..

In our living skills lessons we are continuing to work on the unit about owning our own home. We have looked at different estate and letting agents around Oldham and our own local areas, comparing the prices of different properties and their locations. We have been investigating different living arrangements and we have been working on a presentation from the ‘journey of life’.


We have a virtual workshop from First Choice Homes on the 9th November which we are looking forward to.

Mr Holland has an update for us too..

Welcome to the Maths blog for the first week back after half term.

Classes have been busy and provision for remote access is becoming more important during the lockdown and self-isolation periods. Classes are taking place live in college and over SHOWBIE. This enables any students who are missing lessons through shielding or self-isolation to access their relevant courses.

In terms of curriculum progress, students are still aiming at the highest level of Maths appropriate for their abilities and commitment to courses. Within the next three weeks, a full scale series of ‘mock exams’ will take place and the results of these will inform us how progress is going and whether or not we will need commitment from students to complete some extra work.

This week’s main topic has been Probability. We have also applied this to everyday living with calculation of why bookmakers tend to win. The realities of this were demonstrated by offering students the chance to win a hypothetical £20 and then pointing out that, had they all paid a pound to play, their Maths teacher would have been several hundred pounds up! Our ethos is always to be aware of the ages of the students and to try and make mathematical theory and practice relatable to everyday life.

Over now to Miss Asbury for news from our English department..

In English, we have been developing our work on the Grenfell Tower tragedy that happened in 2017. The students have been learning how to write formal letters and extend their writing skills through Drama and academic writing workshops.

We were shocked to find out that, three years on, the flammable cladding that covered the building is still on 307 buildings in the UK today! Only 42 buildings have had the cladding removed. This has shocked the students and it’s been amazing to see them engaged in lively debates around this topical issue.

The students have engaged brilliantly with the themes and we are currently researching the work of Grenfell 4 Justice, a support organisation, who are currently writing formal letters to Keir Starmer, to try and get support for the laws to be changed. This dangerous cladding needs to be removed and the students have been working on their emotive language skills in order to persuade Boris Johnson to engage in this matter and listen to the people. Covid-19 has set the plans to remove the cladding back, but it’s definitely a cause worth fighting for and our young people have, yet again, showed resilience, maturity and empathy when engaging with this sensitive subject matter.

We will share with you the outcome of our letter writing skills and, watch this space, Boris Johnson… there are some fantastic letters coming your way very soon!

Finally, you will all have received a letter before the half term about Parents’ Evening and staff have called this week to arrange a time to speak to you over the phone. A little different to our normal Parents’ Evening but a way to keep us all safe.

Have a good weekend,

Jaina and the Team.

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