The focus of the Key Stage 5 curriculum is destinations for young people. The 14-19 pathways are still on offer as at Key Stage 4. Aspirations for young people are to gain employment either paid or voluntary but there continues to be a number of barriers to this that are not addressed within a typical mainstream context.

Apprenticeships require a level of accreditation in English and Maths and many young people struggle to achieve this by Year 11. As such we continue the core English and Maths offer, moving young people through to their required level whilst continuing to contextualise the offer in the Living Skills curriculum which is also maintained throughout.

The employability/work skills curriculum is expanded here in order to give young people the opportunity to experience work placements either internal or external within a supported context. In New Bridge ‘Bridging The Gap’ is offered in Years 13 and 14. This is a 1 or 2 year project which is based entirely at the place of work (currently Royal Oldham Hospital and Manchester Metropolitan University). These provide 3 work placements in a year whilst still working on ASDAN employability and English and Maths accreditation. Alongside the 14-19 pathways this is seen to be outstanding post 16 practice by Ofsted and has increased destinations for young people.

We offer vocational options which are based on realistic destinations for young people:

  1. Manual Trades
  2. Food Industry
  3. Supporting Others
  4. Enterprise
  5. Hair and Beauty
  6. Administration

In addition to this we are able to offer a more academic offer with accreditation up to Level 3 (A level equivalent), still providing the life skills and social communication support that continues to be needed by our young people.

The core secondary curriculum covers the strands:

  1. English
  2. Maths
  3. Living Skills
  4. ICT

Time allocation to KS5 curriculum (average per week over school year)

KS5 Learning Hours 
Subject Hours Per Week
English 4 hours
Maths 4 hours
Pastoral 2.5 hours
Living skills 4 hours
ICT 1 hour
PE 1 hours
Options (leisure/employability/academic) 9 hours

The accreditation currently offered to match the needs of the students within our Key Stage 5 is shown below: