28 Nov

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Mr Lawrence brings us this report from a rather wintry day at Manchester City’s Girls’ football league earlier this month – our girls are tough, a bit of cold and rain won’t stop them..

We went to Manchester City on Wednesday 16th – the weather wasn’t the best but to their credit the girls carried on and didn’t let it bother them..

img_0320 img_0331img_0329

We had some new players join our team from Hollinwood Academy, Summer and Sophie, who proved to be excellent additions! Both our teams played well..

img_0312 img_0314 img_0315 img_0316

Our record was 5 wins, 3 losses and 4 draws..

img_0317 img_0321 img_0322

Summer was excellent in defence, reminiscent of a young Des Walker!!! We overcame some tough refereeing decisions but the girls dealt with these by scoring and winning games..

img_0325 img_0326 img_0328

All the girls showed excellent sportsmanship including shaking hands at the end of matches and they behaved exceptionally well, showing fantastic team support and encouragement..

img_0310 img_0327

A big thank you to all the staff who supported – Miss Wright, Miss Ninian and Mrs Meadows…..who looked like she might have landed a new job working for Man City as you can see..


 Once again, a big thanks to Paul Kelly and Man City for another brilliant day!!