16 Jul

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Throughout the year we dedicate time to look at different aspects of Mental Health and Wellbeing. This half term we have explored our emotions. For some of our young people this can be a very challenging topic to discuss. However, it is really important they understand the impact their emotions can have.

Here are some important benefits of emotional education:

  • Helps children get to know themselves and be more in control of their environment
  • Important for social development
  • Reduces aggressive behaviour
  • Reduces the risk of consumption of addictive substances such as alcohol and tobacco
  • Minimises antisocial and self-destructive behaviour

The activities emphasised that emotions should be controlled but never repressed and helped students to learn how to express their emotions depending on the moment, the people who they are with and the occasion.

The activities students participated in included:

  • An introductory video on why we feel emotions and the importance of understanding our emotions.
  • Emotions Orienteering – emotions cards were placed around the college grounds and a map showed the location of all the cards. Each card has a letter on it. Students followed the map and put the correct letter of each emotion card on the sheets provided. We had some excellent map readers and some very observant students.

  • Emotions Board and Card Games – these games encouraged students to talk about the time they had felt an emotion, role play emotions, guess the emotion and match the facial expressions of emotions.
  • Understanding the sensations emotions cause in our bodies – to be able to better identify how we are feeling, we challenged students to really think what was going on in their bodies when they were feeling certain emotions. Each student had a body map and had to identify how they feel when they are scared, angry, sad and happy and how their bodies reacted. This enabled them to begin to link sensations in the body to their emotions, helping them to identify how they were feeling.

  • To increase our awareness of the vast range of emotions some students completed an A-Z of emotions. This can be quite difficult as sometimes our brains focus on the more negative emotions and it’s important we acknowledge positive ones as much as possible.
  • We watched clips from the Disney movie Inside Out. This movie portrays our emotions really well and is definitely worth a watch.

Here are some staff comments:

13AGE – We have explored a range of different emotions. Each member of the class gave some really great answers to the powerpoint and looking at the Beano characters and their different expressions. We discussed how certain emotions might make us feel and that it’s okay to feel these and certain strategies we can use when we are having emotions, like grounding techniques we have learned previously, talking to others and walking in nature can all help us manage our emotions. 13AGE enjoyed colouring in the Lego man. They showed a good understanding of reading facial emotions and how they express them.

IBComms2 – The group collectively enjoyed looking for the hidden emotions cards and had a go at replicating the emotion displayed.

Nurture Group – During the week students learned about understanding our emotions and how our emotions affect our bodies. Students engaged in several activities and discussions such as body map, powerpoint, different work sheets and the orienteering. They now have an understanding how emotions and feelings affect us all differently. Nurture group enjoyed the emotions activities especially the orienteering.

EBase 2 – As part of Emotions Week, the students in EBase 2 participated in various activities which included creating a feelings bubble picture using sponges and rollers, cutting and sticking eyes, nose and mouth to create a face. The students picked between different emotions of eyes and mouths.

We also tried to copy different faces using the flash cards, Huan was very good at this and really enjoyed it.

IB1SNT –  IB1SNT enjoyed doing the emotions orienteering and matching different emotion cards.

Hajjrah stayed inside and made lots of different faces using augmented reality to match with emotion cards.

14TBN – 14TBN really enjoyed playing the emotions board game and wanted everyone to try and guess what emotions they were showing.

EBase1 – Last week, the students in EBase1 participated in lots of activities around emotions. This linked in with our daily activity, “Today I Feel……” which allows the students to express their feelings/emotions whilst using Boardmaker symbols during the Good Morning routine. During one of the activities the students used an emotions cube. The students threw the cube, matched the emotion to a symbol and then created the facial expression on the Velcro face. We also practised making different facial expressions to match the symbols. The students really enjoyed playing this game and found it quite amusing whilst watching each other practising the facial expressions.

The students also completed worksheets which showed a photo of somebody displaying an emotion and matched this to the correct symbol.

To complete the work that we had done throughout the week, the students watched “Inside Out” which they really enjoyed.

12AKE – The group looked at some cards with different emotions on and then we tried to copy the faces. Mrs Keane took our photos so we could look at ourselves and see if we did good expressions. Some of them were very hard to do. These are our best photos..

The group’s favourite activity was the emotions orienteering.

  • Philip: The orienteering was easy, I liked working out the map and figuring out where to go next.
  • Kibria: It was fun and exciting doing something different.
  • Louis: I liked doing the orienteering, it was fun. I’d like to do another one.

We also thought of emotions that started with different sounds. Rares filled every letter!

As you have seen, a very successful Emotions Week at the Learning Centre! Thank you Miss Wright 🙂