Welcome to New Bridge School! We are looking forward to getting to know you and your child and we would like to make their transition to our school as smooth as possible.

You will receive a ‘Welcome Pack’ containing a handbook with lots of useful information about the school, together with an invitation to your new Parentapps account. Please download the app and activate your account as soon as possible as we will be using it to communicate with you and send all the relevant information you will need throughout your child’s transition period.

A Parentapps guide is available here and staff at school will be very happy to help if you experience any problems activating your account.

We now have virtual tours of all 3 sites that the young people of New Bridge attend; New Bridge School, the Learning Centre and New Bridge College, our Key Stage 5 Pathways campus in Oldham town centre. You can watch all of these films here.

You can also view the Welcome Handbook for the school site here, for New Bridge College here and for the Learning Centre here. If you would like to download further copies of the letters included with the pack, along with updates sent throughout the Summer term, please click the links below:

The ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ website has a very useful tool for sharing the key details about what matters most to your child:

Please click here to visit their website for more information about completing a ‘What Matters Island’ for your child and to download a template.

If you have any questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

New Bridge School ~ 0161 883 2401

  • Colin O’Neill, Pastoral Lead for Admissions and Transitions ~ co’neill@newbridgegroup.org
    Colin will be arranging in person tours of the school, bookings can be made by emailing him from 21st June
    There will also be a remote Q&A session for parents and carers on 28th June, please click here for details.

New Bridge Learning Centre ~ 0161 883 2402

  • Luke Hagan, Year 12 Pastoral Manager ~ lhagan@newbridgegroup.org

New Bridge College ~ 0161 518 7155

  • Nicola Nelson, Pastoral Co-ordinator ~ nnelson@newbridgegroup.org

You may find the following video from Oldham’s Speech and Language Therapy team helpful: