New Bridge School promotes a pro-active and positive approach to effectively supporting young people with a wide range of social and emotional difficulties. This includes a Nurture Group provision and a Behaviour Support Team.

The Nurture Group provision supports those pupils who need a safe, secure environment for a range of social, emotional and behavioural reasons, and who would otherwise struggle within the wider body of the school. There is an emphasis on consistency of approach and developing and maintaining strong working relationships where pupils can feel nurtured, supported, encouraged and in turn challenged.

The unique structure of the groups allows for ‘Personalised Learning’, enabling groups to take part in a range of off-site activities to help broaden personal experiences and develop a range of social and life skills. The bespoke Nurture Group curriculum offer also  incorporates  PSHE,  Living Skills, Friendship Groups, Enterprise, Board game skills, Role Play, Food Technology, Numeracy and Literacy.

In addition to a broad curriculum offer pupils from the Nurture Groups access lessons or activities (where appropriate) within the wider school.

The Nurture Group provision provides support for young people on both a full and part-time basis as required. The Nurture base is transient in nature, allowing for movement with students gradually accessing lessons, with support, and then when ready moving into the wider body of the school.

The Boxall Profile is used as an assessment tool to monitor the personal, social and emotional progress of young people within the Nurture Group and to determine appropriate strategies to support their development.