In order to make sure everyone is clear about how to use technology and online resources at New Bridge, we have designed the Total e-Safety Policy which outlines all the different rules to follow and agreements that need to be signed:

Total e-Safety Policy

Part of the Total e-Safety Policy are agreements that need to be signed by everyone involved with New Bridge. Each agreement outlines the rules to follow for different groups of people. Please click on the agreement that applies to you.

Young Person Acceptable Use Agreement

Parent Acceptable Use Agreement

Staff Acceptable Use Agreement


Actions and Sanctions for Misuse Table

Actions and Sanctions for Misuse




Inside the Total e-Safety Policy there are two key tables to know about. These can be found on pages 12 and 13. Below is a copy of the two tables to help make it clear what is acceptable use.

Unsuitable Activities Regarding Technology


Acceptable Use of Mobile Communication Technology