30 Oct

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The pupils in our Autism Base have been working on some ‘Spooky Science’ over the last few weeks. They bravely investigated a ghost balloon that inflated all by itself!

They also had fun constructing some ghost rockets (making sure they were suitably dressed for the launch, of course) – one went so high they lost it on the roof!

To finish with the class took part in some scary ‘brain surgery’. After filling their brain with blood (red water really!)..

..they then carried out the tricky surgical procedure of carefully inserting crayons in the required places..

All the pupils really enjoyed this (and so did the staff!), although the best part was definitely pulling the crayons out and seeing the effects of their ‘surgery’..

..and yes, they did get a little bit wet!

We’re looking forward to next term and more hands-on Science lessons!